Jan.2, 1997 CNN interview and Patsy DID give samples
Jan. 02, 1997 - Ramsey Update #06
Jan. 2, 1997
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 303/441-3090
Pager: 303/441-3851; pager #4060
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Jan 2 Update on Ramsey Case
Boulder Police last night sent five police investigators to Atlanta to continue their investigation of the Ramsey case. They will continue to interview family members, friends, and gather background information. The officers have been authorized to approach the family to schedule an interview with them in Boulder at a later time. The five Boulder Police Officers are: Larry Mason, Tom Trujillo, Jane Harmer, Steve Thomas and Ron Gosage. The officers are expected back sometime Monday.
Boulder Police were completely taken by surprise by the Ramsey's CNN interview, but have no comment on the contents of that interview. However, they do concur with Mrs. Ramsey's statement that she has provided police with hair, blood and handwriting samples.
Evidence is still being taken from the Ramsey home and police hope to conclude that portion of their investigation sometime late Friday or Saturday.
The police have received numerous calls from people around the country and have set up a voice mail number which people call if they wish to leave a message. That number is 303-441-4310.

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