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Blood on tape
I am reading a pile of files and want to let everyone know they did positively test the tape for blood and that came back positive.

So do you think there was blood coming from her nose or mouth?  I don't because that was not in the autopsy.

I think the tape was put on after the sexual assault, staging, and the blood was transferred from the assailant's fingers. 

I have not seen any lab reports on that - - maybe that is what they will be testing this year.
I completely agree. I was surprised there was no blood from the injuries. Was she wiped down? I'm not sure. I could only imagine what the killer brought back with him after the murder.
MARY LACY: "there were a couple of references which were weren’t sure were in the public domain. One was the fact that JonBenet had received the bracelet on her arm from her mother as a Christmas present. But that’s in the public domain - it’s in the autopsy report.. The other one was the presence of the mucous from the nose under the tape not over it but under it."

Evidence the tape was put on after death, staging.

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