Jan.4, 1997 house to be released
Jan. 04, 1997 - Ramsey Update #08
8 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 4, 1997
Kelvin McNeill
City of Boulder Media Relations
Pager 303-441-3851 #4060
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Incident News Release #8
Update on Ramsey Case
The Boulder Police Department investigation into the Ramsey homicide continues. This case is the highest priority of the Boulder Police Department. This is an active and ongoing investigation. There are no named suspects, there have been no arrests and there are no arrests pending.
Boulder Police have talked with the counsel for the Ramsey family and made arrangements to return possession of the home to the family and their representatives effective 6:30 p.m. tonight. Procedures for returning the home included giving the family or their representatives control of the property and the Police Department providing an inventory of what items were removed from the house.
It is unknown if the family intends to resume residency at the home. We have no comment on the whereabouts of the family at this time. Police are in the process of setting up an appointment to formally interview the Ramsey family. We expect the family to continue to be cooperative with investigators and the interview is now a matter of scheduling.
Boulder Police continue to request that anyone with possible information on this case to please contact the voicemail tip line at 303-441-4310. The tip line has received over 250 calls as of today. Police are screening the calls and will make return phone calls as are appropriate.
The detectives who were sent to the Atlanta area are all expected back in Boulder by Monday night. The returning investigative team will be debriefed by the case supervisors to determine the next steps in the investigation.

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