Feb. 11, 1997 rules for formal interviews
Feb. 11, 1997 - Ramsey Update #26
2 p.m., Feb. 11, 1997
Leslie Aaholm/Kelvin McNeill
Media Relations 303-441-3090
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Ramsey Case News Release #26
Parameters for the Conduct of
Formal Police Interviews
Since this incident began, the Boulder Police Department has articulated to counsel for the Ramsey family the parameters for the conduct of formal police interviews. These parameters are the Boulder police department's standard operating procedures. Among these typical parameters are requirements that:
  1. parties be interviewed separately;
  2. interviews be conducted by Boulder police detectives at a time and location conducive to a productive interview;
  3. the interviews be video and/or audio taped;
  4. the person being interviewed may be represented by legal counsel and police officers advise them of their legal rights, including the right to not talk to police, and that they may exercise their rights at any time; and
  5. only the individual being interviewed, their legal counsel and police be present in the room during the interview.
The conversations and discussions with counsel for the Ramsey family concerning a formal interview continue. However, as of this week, counsel for the family have refused to consent to the parameters for formal police interviews. The interviews with the family have not been scheduled.

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