Jan 7, 1997 Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey, no IDI
Jan. 07, 1997 - Ramsey Update #10
January 7. 1997
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Jan. 7 Update on Ramsey Case
The Boulder Police Department continues to actively investigate the Ramsey homicide. Police investigators who were in Georgia and Michigan have all returned to Boulder and will be debriefed by the case supervisors to determine the next steps in the investigation. In both Michigan and Georgia, investigators continued obtaining background information and talking with friends and family members of the Ramseys. In Michigan, investigators executed a search warrant for the Ramsey's home in Charlevoix. That search warrant has been sealed by a judge in Michigan. Investigators were in Michigan from Friday, Jan. 3 through Monday, Jan. 6.
Police were in court this morning requesting that the search warrant for the Ramsey's Boulder home be sealed. Judge MacDonald has sealed that warrent for 30 days.
Other procedural updates are:
  • The Ramsey's legal counsel have offered to respond to some questions supplied by Boulder police last week. We cannot confirm if those responses have been returned to Police at this time. Police will not be releasing information on the questions and answers.
  • Police have nothing further to add on the issue concerning the formal questioning of the Ramsey family.
  • The Colorado Bureau of Investigations continues to process material related to this investigation. Depending on the type of examination needed, the test results would take weeks to months to complete. Police do not plan to release the results of those lab tests except in court.
  • Police have received almost 300 calls on their voice mail tip line. They are monitoring and logging those calls and responding to those that show promise.
  • We are aware the Ramsey family has hired private investigators. Private investigators who are looking into this case are entitled to the same information as that being released to the public. These investigators are private citizens.
  • The role of the Boulder District Attorney's Office is to provide counsel and legal advice to the Police Department on the preparation of the case. The FBI continues to provide counsel on an as needed basis.
Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby has indicated he will make a statement to the Boulder community later this week. We will inform the public as to the specific time when it is confirmed.

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