Henry Lee in CBS Borgumentary
Henry Lee, in the CBS Borgumentary,  

On another site, the modereator noted that Lee " basically dismissed the piece of wood by strongly suggesting that it found its way into her vagina due to a secondary transfer. Henry Lee stated that the secondary transfer could have occurred when JonBenét’s body was moved repeatedly or when a blanket was put on her (paragraph #535). "

My response - - JonBenet's long johns were pulled up when she was found, were onher when she was carried up to the front hall by her father and moved by Detective Arndt.  She remained dressed while the blanket was put on her and while she was touched by her mother and the other people who were there that morning.  She was not undressed at all the whole time she was in the house and was undressed only after she was carried into the autopsy room.

The activity around her would not have caused any secondary transfer that would put ANYTHING in her vagina!

It is this kind of misrepresentation of evidence that makes me wonder just what Henry Lee actually said.  To me, they could have taped him for 12 hours and cut and pasted the show so it would appear he "said" things - or agreed to things, when he really did not.
Is he insane?? The fact he even suggest the pieces of wood transferred by secondary touch is crazy.
That's the point, I think they got hours of him talking and pieced his appearance together from those interviews. I think he may have forgotten a lot of what he knew and been gently "reminded" but mislead. I just KNOW what he said made no sense.
Henry Lee has said some very stupid things that were not misquotes.  He has a habit of doing this. 

For example, for many years he has repeatedly said that the JonBenét's homicide could have been an accident.  In the sense that it is impossible to prove that it is not an accident, this claim is true.  However, if you know anything about skull injuries, such as the shear stress needed to punch a piece of skull out, and about the size and shape of this punched-out piece, Lee's claim is ludicrous.  It becomes even more ludicrous when you consider all the other evidence such as the garrote and the ransom note.  It is just as stupid as claiming that JonBenét's homicide may have been committed by aliens from another galaxy because the probability, though vanishingly small, is also not identically zero.  Neither of these stupid claims has any relevance to this case.

As I describe here:


Henry Lee completely misinterpreted his own data (another bad habit of his) regarding DNA results, concluding that the DNA in this case is forensically useless.  This is stupid on its face because the DNA hasn't yet been sourced.  Lee himself showed just how stupid it is by actually showing the opposite of what he concluded: No male DNA found *anywhere* on an entire package of panties.  This test predicts that the probability of finding male DNA in the crotch of a randomly chosen pair of new panties, in a previously specified region the size of a drop of blood, is precisely ZERO.

I recall a show in which Henry Lee had calculated where a shooter was standing when firing a shot into an automobile.  By his own admission, he had initially neglected to take into account the slope of the hill upon which the automobile was resting, so he had to recalculate the position of the shooter, reaching a different conclusion about what had happened.  Apparently the producers of the show thought Lee was brilliant in this case.  Actually, this is a freshman physics type of stupid mistake.  He neglected to determine what "zero" was for the angles, as if everywhere was completely flat.

Henry Lee does stupid things like this all the time.  Unfortunately, most people are not versed in science and fail to recognize his ineptness.

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