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From Hal Haddon
"After the first interview with John and Patsy, they did not fit as anything other than terribly emotionally injured parents.  The way their daughter was killed was consistent with parents who fly into rages and people who would be physically assaultive with their children.  John raised five children without physically disciplining them.  You have to, by necessity, make decisions on what your clients tell you, and your instincts.  I've been wrong on both sides of the question before.  I always reevaluate my clients constantly.  My very strong first impression is that these are not the kind of people who would hurt their child; certainly not in the ways she was savaged.  That faith in them has not wavered."
"It's a lawyer's highest calling to represent someone who is innocent, who is demonized. I don't get attached to many clients but I love the Ramseys. I appreciated them then and now. They had more dignity in the face of outrage than anyone could have expected a human being to have."

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