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Reading his article
Well, the magazine it appears in is one that is based on exposing false psychics.  So one might expect a story on different predictions or visions related to this case and information on how they all failed to solve the mystery.  But no, Joe Nickell turned it into a story where he presents his theory based on regurgitated BORG misinformation.  

Rather than study all available interview transcripts of Steve Tuttle, the Air Taser employee, he cherry picked what fit his theory.....  I personally feel that makes him as useless in this case as those false psychics who accused ME of the crime. (Ruthee died insisting this mother and grandmother was male.  She was a rather high figurehead for the online BORG, and a real joke.)

Long story short, He seemed to really like the CBS anniversary program that accused Burke of the murder of his little sister.  I wouldn't recommend the article but feel it should be reported on here.  

For those more interested in the truth, I would suggest looking at the documented evidence, the evidence released by Lou Smit, the depositions and interviews that expose the whole truth.

Like the interview where Tuttle admits the marks could have been made by his product, that a child being pressed into her bed would not have been able to jump up and scream as the man tested as an example did.
Burke was cleared so many times, so many ways.

I really hope Burke doesn't settle but forces Kane and Kolar and Thomas and the others to expose just how evil they have been.

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