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Dear Colin
(07-16-2017, 01:43 AM)jameson245 Wrote: Well stated Jameson! John's basically speaking for himself as well as speaking on behalf of his family. Nothing sinister about the 'I - We - You know' and definitely nothing sinister about finishing off Patsy's sentence. It sounds to me like she couldn't think of the exact words she wanted to say. It's a joke to think that they were scripted. 

RAMSEY, P: We can't -- we can't --

RAMSEY, J: This -- we cannot go on until we know why. There's no answer as to why our daughter died.

PETER:  He finished her sentence.  One might, in context, wonder if this was scripted and rehearsed, with Patsy losing her line.

JAMESON:  only if one is BORG    
 Seriously, we are talking about a married couple, a close couple.  If finishing each other's sentences is evidence of guilt or staging - - - that's simply insane to make such conclusions.

CABELL: Are you fully convinced that your daughter was kidnapped by some outsiders outside your family or circle of friends?

RAMSEY, J: Yes. I -- we don't -- you know, it's just so hard to know, but we are -- our family is a loving family. It's a gentle family. We have lost one child. We know how precious their lives are .

PETER:  He answers with "Yes" which is then followed by "I", "we", "you know" and then settles on the plural only.  The avoidance of the pronoun "I" by the father of a murdered child is unexpected.
JAMESON:  I didn't find any part of that answer to be odd or "unexpected".  Peter, and now you, Colin, are really working hard to make these statements evidence of some guilt.    I can't believe this changed you from IDI to BORG.

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