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To submit a tip
Anyone can submit a tip to the Boulder Police Department - they are in charge of the investigation now.

There are a few groups of investigators outside the BPD working on this case but they tend to do so without letting anyone know who they are or what they are doing.  They feel they can get more done without having people watching and reporting what they do - and I fully respect that.  But the same secrecy that allows them to work their magic also cuts them off from tips.

I don't believe the Ramsey attorneys have a tip line anymore.  If they do, I have missed that.  People can still call on them, but I think the best they can do is to pass on the information - they are lawyers, not investigators.  And I know for a fact that all of the lawyers associated with this case will NOT pass on tips - - not their job to solve this and they don't pretend otherwise.

SO - having said all that.....   I am in contact at times with many people associated with this case, from reporters to investigators to law enforcement to the Ramseys themselves.  I have gone to them with information that I have felt needed to be investigated and I believe I have their ear when it is important.

What I will not do is pass in a name with no file attached - a file that makes it clear and convincing that a person needs to be considered a viable suspect.   Many times I have been approached by someone I think is mad at another person and out to cause problems for that person - - and I am, frankly, not willing to put MY name on such a file as a good lead.   Other times the tip is so vague it would be next to impossible to follow up on - - and, again, I simply tell that tipster to send in the tip on their own as I am known to call in only reasonable leads.

Example - a couple found a website dealing with bondage and pedophilia.  They knew the name of the man who set up the web site and he lived miles from the Ramsey house.  He was into drugs and posted about that addiction on his web page.  He wrote a bit about that Christmas, his time with his family then his "escape" to do as he pleased that night.  He had an association with CU Boulder and may have met John Andrew there or seen JonBenet in the mall.   There was more but the point is I had a name, an interest in children and bondage, the opportunity to do it and more.

I turned in that tip and believe it was given the proper attention - though, to be honest, I have not seen where his DNA was tested so have not cleared him from my personal suspect list.

I am still willing to turn in reasonable tips - not only to the Boulder Police but to others who might be willing to take a look.  But I will not put my name on a vague file.  No name, no evidence of any interest in pedophilia, true crimes like kidnapping and murder,  no evidence that they were near Boulder that night - - that is a deal breaker.

My email address is
Need to make something clear.
I personally am not so convinced that JonBenet's killer was a pedophile. That injury may have been another attack on John the father and not linked to any sexual motive.

Don't hesitate to contact me if your suspect was not interested in children for sex. More interested in the hatred for John Bennett Ramsey.

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