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  The exemplars described
Posted by: jameson245 - 06-21-2022, 07:20 AM - Forum: Handwriting - Replies (13)

Exemplar #1

dated 12/27/1996 on exemplar, and 12/28/1996 on cover sheet

It needs to be noted that this sample was given just ONE or TWO days after JonBenet's body was carried up from the basement and laid on the family's living room floor. Guilty or not, this woman was going through a lot.

AND, intending to be as honest as possible, I intend to point out a thing or two that I honestly thought COULD have suggested Patsy wrote the note that was never publicly discussed before. I remember wondering why those little details never came out. (And no, I am not suggesting Patsy wrote the note, there's no way her writing was a match. I am just giving an honest review of what I see).

There are only 4 pages here, one the cover page and the other a typed out copy of the "London Letter" which Patsy was clearly asked to copy. The cover letter is dated 12/28, but Patsy was asked to sign and date one of the pages and she dated it 12/27/1996. All spelling, abbreviations and punctuation was copied from the typed sheet - any differences will be described here.

On the first page, there are seventeen words listed on the left side of the page. After each word, there were spaces where Patsy was asked to write those words. She was asked to write "countermeasures" only two times. She was asked to write 100% six times. Not 100 percent, 100%. Most words she asked to write three or four times.

I want to note a few things right off the bat. Will do them as individual posts to make commenting easier.

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  Westword 5/6/2022
Posted by: jameson245 - 05-06-2022, 05:36 PM - Forum: 2022 - new efforts - Replies (1)

John Ramsey: Why He Doesn't Trust Boulder PD to Find JonBenét's Killer

John Ramsey, whose six-year-old daughter, JonBenét, was murdered in Boulder on December 26, 1996, made national news again on April 30. During an appearance at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas alongside former 9News journalist Paula Woodward, he publicly declared his support for a petition calling on Governor Jared Polis to designate an independent agency to make decisions about testing the remaining DNA in the case rather than leaving such choices to the Boulder Police Department.

Ramsey says that this position is based on bitter personal experience: In the more than 25 years since his daughter's tragic death, he's grown increasingly convinced that the Boulder PD is incapable of solving the crime without assistance that the officials in charge have regularly refused. "They don't have the resources, they don't have the skill set, and they've got a bias that was built in from the beginning," he says, citing their belief that a family member committed the crime. "And for some unfathomable reason," he adds, "that has never changed."

Woodward prompted Ramsey's CrimeCon appearance. "Paula brought it up a few months ago," he recalls. "She said she'd been invited to go and it might be worthwhile. The main reason I've done these media things throughout the years is to keep pressure on the police to do the right thing and not let this case end up in a dusty file cabinet somewhere."

Ramsey's decision to attend CrimeCon might seem like a willing stroll into the lion's den, since many true-crime obsessives who attend such conventions have long believed in the guilt and/or complicity of Ramsey and his late wife, Patsy. But that's a misconception, he says: "Throughout this ordeal, people have been wonderful to us almost without exception. If there were people around us who didn't like us, they didn't say anything, and we've had a lot of people who'll give us hugs and apologize for the things that were said and done to us. It's actually been very uplifting to be in public."

Given that approximately 4,000 people gathered to hear him and Woodward speak in Las Vegas, "I figured there might be a heckler or two, but there wasn't," he adds. "Everyone seemed very supportive, actually. It was very positive for me, and it really got me energized to keep pushing to try to get the right thing done."

Granted, previous efforts haven't always gone as he'd hoped. Even after then-Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy publicly removed the family from the umbrella of suspicion back in 2008, based on the discovery of unknown male DNA on JonBenét's clothing, the police department has kept him and his loved ones at a distance.

"They haven't communicated with us at all," Ramsey says. "The only communication I've had wasn't with the current police chief — they've gone through several of them — but with the one who replaced Mark Beckner," who retired in 2014. Ramsey reached out to Greg Testa, Beckner's successor, "and asked for a meeting, and he complied. He was a nice guy, and he had all his people there, including the DA. I said, 'Look, there have been a lot of misunderstandings, and I've certainly been critical of the Boulder police in the past. But this is a new chapter, as far as I'm concerned. Let's start fresh and get this thing solved, and if you have any questions for me, or need any information, here's my phone number.' It was a very cordial meeting. But that was the last time I heard from him."

Boulder police representatives didn't have any interest in working with him, Ramsey suggests, "because they decided on day one, before any evidence was looked at, that one of the parents had done it, because we allegedly 'didn't act right.' That was their whole case. And the two detectives that were there 25 years ago [Ron Gosage and Tom Trujillo] had no homicide experience, and they're still there. They still handle the case. Now, I don't fault them for not knowing what they're doing, because there aren't many homicides in Boulder. But what I do fault them for is that they refused help from people who knew what they were doing. Help was offered profusely; the Denver police offered to put two experienced homicide detectives on the case, but Boulder refused. And that's just unacceptable."

According to Ramsey, Lacy subsequently told him "the police strategy was to release misleading information that would put intense pressure on us, so that one of us would confess on the other — because they knew it was one of us, but they didn't know which one. They hoped that so much pressure would be put on that an innocent one would would turn the guilty one in. But there was no evidence, and the evidence conflicted with their theory, including the unidentified male DNA. She said she'd never seen a police department try to explain away unidentified male DNA in a sexual-assault case, but they'd made up their mind, and they were going to figure out how to get it done despite the evidence."

The approach certainly worked on millions of people who followed the investigation. "I remember there was a Gallup poll fairly early on, and 70 percent thought we were guilty," Ramsey recalls. "And how could they think otherwise, based on what they were hearing? But the dilemma for the police was that they didn't have the evidence."

The nadir for Ramsey was a CBS docuseries in which experts concluded that JonBenét had been slain by her brother, Burke, who was nine at the time of her death. A lawsuit filed on Burke's behalf was settled in 2019, but Ramsey's frustration over the situation remains near the surface. "That was absolutely the lowest of the low in this whole thing," he maintains. "That was below even the lowest tabloid standard. It was disgraceful what they did, and they did it all for ratings."

In many ways, coverage of the murder transformed the cable-TV news industry, and Ramsey still mourns the deterioration of standards.

"What I learned about the tabloid industry, the National Enquirers and the Globes, is that they know sensational news sells, so they'd make things up and then pay lots of money in legal settlements for defamation and libel, because that was the cost of the product," he says. In contrast, "legitimate news checked facts and made sure what they were reporting was hopefully accurate. But in our case, the tabloids would report out false information and the mainstream media would pick it up — and that was the tragedy. I remember reading a front-page article in USA Today, the national newspaper, that said, 'It was reported in the Globe that....' And that's how it evolved. It was a feeding frenzy."

Today, of course, the line between true crime reporting and entertainment has blurred even further. At CrimeCon, Ramsey and his wife Jan, whom he married in 2011, five years after Patsy's death from cancer, met someone involved in The Thing About Pam, an NBC/Peacock limited series based on the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria and a scheme manipulated by a woman named Pam Hupp, portrayed by Renée Zellweger. "Jan wanted to see it," Ramsey points out, "and we started to watch, but there were so many things that were like what I went through: the rush to judgment, the false accusations. So we turned it off."

Ramsey says he supports the petition to assign DNA duties to an independent firm because "the government doesn't have the latest technology. We talked to the FBI a couple of months ago, and they said they didn't have the latest and greatest because it's such a fast-moving field, and they have to get a budget and go out for requisitions — and that takes time. You need to go to one of these cutting-edge independent labs. so that's our push. There are four or five items that have never been tested for DNA that I know of, and they should have been, including the garotte that strangled my daughter. The killer had to touch these items, and even if he wore gloves, it's hard not to leave DNA. And familial DNA has had some remarkable successes. The Golden State Killer was found after forty years because of it."

A statement from Polis's office that the petition's request will be considered strikes Ramsey as a positive development: "I was encouraged by his comments, and I hope he's sincere in that. I have no reason to doubt that he is, but the proof will be in the actions taken."

In the meantime, Ramsey says he feels that "the murder of a child ten years and under ought to be a federal crime. We ought to bring the full resources of our country to bear. We have one of the highest child homicide rates of any country in the world, and you can't leave it up to departments like the Boulder Police — because that's like leaving it up to Barney Fife to solve it. Because if it happened in Mayberry and Barney is so arrogant and egotistical that he thinks he doesn't need help, it's never going to be solved. And that's what happened in our case."

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  Jim Clamente - BORG jerk
Posted by: jameson245 - 05-04-2022, 01:14 PM - Forum: Absolutely insane posts - mostly by BORG - Replies (1)

9 points on Clemente's podcast


The man is locked into a position and misrepresents the evidence.

The ransom note was 2 1/2 pages long, not 3 1/2.

DA Alex Hunter was on vacation and was NOT the one who made the decision not to separate and interview the parents. The blame falls on LE (including the FBI) who were in Boulder, Colorado at the time.

John Ramsey did NOT wait for the BPD to leave then for a neighbor to come over then instigate the basement search. The police left one detective at the house, SHE told John to take his friend Fleet and to search the house. Fleet had been there since 6 am. Clemente has his story in his mind and is not dealing with the facts.

The fact that this crime has no twin - really? No note left, but similar to the murders of Valerie Percy and Stephanie Crowe. Many crimes have no "twin", I don't know of ANY that match EXACTLY. Clemente is being stupid with that statement. That's just half of this man's presentation. He's not an authority on this case and I think he's just pure BORG.

Clemente says the wording of the ransom note is like out of a "B movie" - doesn't happen in real time. Problem is, it DID. There is nothing in the Ramseys' history that links them to that kind of writing. The author of the note probably had shown similar thoughts in his own journals (if he kept one) and his conversations.

Half way through, Clemente is going through the note and saying how ridiculous it is. Small foreign faction, John's company is cool but not the country it serves, $118,000. Everyone agrees the note makes little sense to, we;;, probably everyone but the author. He would attribute that to the parents? Based on what?? If Clemente represents the intelligence of the FBI, we all need to worry.

Clemente makes it clear he believes the ransom note was written after the murder. Lou Smit, John Douglas and others would argue that NO ONE would have written it AFTER, their adrenalin would have been running too high. The note was probably written BEFORE he took her from the bed. It was never a serious attempt to get money, it was simply role-playing by a sick, sick mind. It helped build up the killer's courage, made him feel like a man in control.

Clemente has a "practice note" removed from the pad and tossed in the trash bin. That is not what the BPD reported, but it seems better suited to Clemente's retelling of the story. The "practice note" was "Mr. and Mrs. l" - and it was found still attached in the legal pad.

9 - I AGREE WITH HIM ON SOMETHING!!! The ransom note was the "Hollywood version of what a ransom note is"." It was fantasy, a game played in the killer's mind. I would note here that Clemente has opinions, some based on BORG lies and myths - - but he doesn't share the TRUTH. The stun gun, unsourced cord, tape, prints, fibers, handwriting, and, most important, the DNA - - all that evidence is ignored. Clemente is a jerk.

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  Crime Con 2022
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-30-2022, 07:49 PM - Forum: What is in the news - staying up to date - Replies (4)

NEWS April 30, 2022

John Ramsey, the father of murdered JonBenet Ramsey, on Saturday announced the start of a petition asking Colorado Gov. Jared Polis to allow an independent agency to conduct DNA testing in the case rather than the Boulder Police Department (BPD).

"It's a petition to hopefully get the state of Colorado to intervene and have the items from the crime scene that could be tested for DNA that haven't been tested," Ramsey told Fox News Digital at the CrimeCon 2022 convention in Las Vegas on Saturday. "It's going to take a lot of help to get that moving again. But, you know, the government is very reactive, and we're talking about politicians, and we want them to do the right thing."

If Colorado officials "know there's enough people behind" the petition "asking them to do the right thing, they'll do it," Ramsey said.

"It's a cold case, and they don't call it a cold case, but it is for all intents and purposes a cold case," Ramsey said. "Why they won't test the DNA samples that should be tested for DNA, I don't know. It's baffling."

JonBenet's mother reported her missing to police when she was 6 years old on the morning Dec. 26, 1996, after finding a lengthy ransom note demanding more than $118,000 in exchange for JonBenet. John Ramsey found her body later that same day in the basement of her home.

An autopsy revealed that JonBenet died of strangulation and a blow to the head. The Boulder City Medical Examiner reported an 8 1/2-inch fracture on her skull. Authorities have not convicted any suspects in the case.

Ramsey and investigative journalist Paula Woodward, author of "We Have Your Daughter," spoke Saturday afternoon at the conference featuring thousands of guests and speakers ranging from crime victims to high-profile law enforcement figures and scientists.

"The Boulder police were totally inexperienced, and I don't blame them for that," Ramsey said during the conference. "I fault them for not accepting help from people who knew what they were doing."

Ramsey criticized the department for its "arrogance," "pride," "ego" and inexperience at the time his daughter was killed. He went on to make the case that child murders should be investigated as federal crimes.

"We can't let the murder of a child be left up to local police," Ramsey said, adding that the BPD are "just big enough that they think they know everything and they don't."

BPD said in a December 2021 statement marking the 25-year anniversary of JonBenet's homicide that they have processed more than 1,500 pieces of evidence and "reviewed or investigated more than 21,016 tips, letters and emails."

BPD also said in its statement that due to advances in DNA technology, "multiple suspects have been run through the system to check for matches" and that investigators have updated more than "750 reference samples with the latest DNA technology."

"As the Department continues to use new technology to enhance the investigation, it is actively reviewing genetic DNA testing processes to see if those can be applied to this case moving forward," BPD said at the time.

The new petition, which garnered more than 600 signatures immediately after Ramsey's speech, appeals to Polis to use his "power" to intervene in the case and allow for an independent DNA analysis.

"You have the power," the petition reads. "Given the lack of progress by the Boulder Police, we the undersigned petitioners ask you to move DNA decisions in this case away from the BPD to an independent agency so that JonBenét has a last chance at the justice she deserves."

Boulder Police and the office of Gov. Polis did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

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  Ken Mains' Youtube figuring
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-30-2022, 12:30 PM - Forum: THEORIES - Replies (22)

So Ken Mains has a youtube video out. Been out a long time and it being a lazy day here, I think I will listen and make my comments.


Right off, it is clear he is strongly influenced by the CBS crockumentary that launched a huge lawsuit and led to the Ramseys, Burke and John, receiving substantial checks.

He says he's gonna solve this or come close. (rolling my eyes)

First, he says the most important thing is the EVIDENCE. Let's see how honest and hardworking this man is.

The note - Mains says he is NOT an expert in ransom notes. No question.

He has a few points I would not dispute. It is the most important piece of evidence according to Mains. (Erm, I would say the note and the DNA.) He says it is, for a ransom note, long. (True.) Says it took between 15 and 25 minutes to write. (I think at least 20 minutes, perhaps up to an hour.)

He goes into the amount - $118,000. ****** Mains believes that was the amount of John's Christmas bonus in 1996. ******* WRONG! That was his bonus for 1995 and was paid to him early in 1996. The amount was listed on every paystub for at least 10 months before the murder. Stubs were not destroyed or put away for privacy reasons, they were found in drawers on the first and third floors of the house. AND, Mains shares a bit of gossip here, though he admits he can't verify it. He says the Ramseys had $118,000 in their checking and savings accounts - - money they could have gotten ahold of fairly easily and quickly. WRONG AGAIN!!! John had to call Rod Westmoreland in Atlanta to get a cash advance on his credit to put together the ransom.

His first point of evidence, he's just getting STARTED, and he has so much wrong. That is evidence of a poor investigation by a lazy investigator.

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  Doctors' opinions
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-13-2022, 06:13 PM - Forum: Stun Gun - Replies (1)

The following comes from a timeline, source is the index of Boulder Police Department reports.

On June 27th, 1997, at 8:30 am - "Detective Ainsworth met with Dr. Deters, the pathologist for Larimer County, who said that the injuries on JonBenet Ramsey were consistent with a stun gun injury and that no further determination of value could be made by exhuming the body and examining the tissue microscopically, and a stun gun would certainly immobilize a child because of the electrical paralysis induced by the stun gun and the child would not be able to formulate a scream."

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  Charlie Brennan IDI
Posted by: jameson245 - 04-05-2022, 08:25 PM - Forum: Some Important quotes - No Replies

Charles Brennan - “I’ve come to believe the family was not involved”
DNA in doubt article was published on 10/27/2016 by Charlie Brennan. A little over a month later, on 12/11/2016, Brennan states he's come to believe the family was not involved.


A portion of the above linked article reads:

"The biggest mistake in this case is that there was a phenomenal number of people who decided on the first day that they knew what happened, and they would not allow new information to change that, and that boggles my mind,” says journalist and Boulderite, Charlie Brennan, who has been covering the story from its first days.
Brennan says: “In 2000, I wrote a piece that ran in the Dallas Morning News pointing out that, nine months after this crime, someone broke into a house near the Ramsey house and was in the process of assaulting a nine-year-old girl in the middle of the night and was chased out by her mother. The girl went to the same dance studio as JonBenét. The police said they believed it had no connection to the Ramsey case.”
After writing about the case for 20 years, Brennan says he has come to believe the family weren’t involved: “If you look at the autopsy photos and you see the deep furrow in her neck created by that ligature, you see a tremendous amount of force was used. That does not suggest staging to me – the person who did it, meant it. But the Ramseys have nothing in their background to suggest that this level of evil dwelled in their hearts,” he says. But this theory, like the ones about whether the Ramseys behaved how they were “supposed” to, relies on imagining how we would behave if our child had been killed, or if we had killed them accidentally. But no one can do that accurately. And anyway, it’s irrelevant, since the case is about the Ramseys, not anyone else.

“I’ve covered lots of big stories: the Challenger, presidential elections. But this – it is something that I’m thinking about all the time,” says Brennan. “It is an impossibly complex, seemingly unsolvable riddle.” It is also the death of a child, killed with shocking brutality. But it’s hard to see the truth beneath the schlock.

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Posted by: jameson245 - 03-16-2022, 08:48 PM - Forum: odds and ends - Replies (1)


In his cocky reverie
The truth the three would carry
To the steps of the authority
to boast of their pernicious spree
But he did not know that I could see
And therefore was not wary
For hidden in the rectory
Protected by the church decree
He delved in child pornography
While elders professed not to see
His sister told them it could be
He killed the child and honest she
His secret would not bury
They did not know he’d changed the key
When police would come to query
So they broke and entered quietly
Though he would claim illicitly
And so avoiding calumny
A grand sum he was paid to flee
And so it was, conveniently,
Their questions he would parry
To solve a tale of misconstrue
Just look into the offman’s pew
You’ll find there in Ft. Luptons slough
Stray cats aplenty, skinned a few
On prying stoops their hides did strew
And cats blood will scare daughters too
While bushes hid their sins from view
Richard held the cue.
The child must die, he did decide
The crime arranged, the ritual plyed
With church at stake and family pride
Three men he chose to end her
Though two decried this church a lie
Their testimony was denied
With ties that run both “deep and wide”
No one could defend her
Now some have gone and some have stayed
Class defined the roles they played
Someday you’ll know the masquerade
Of Zack the great pretender

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  Susan Young's theory
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-13-2022, 08:31 PM - Forum: THEORIES - No Replies

Susan Young is a long-time poster who has this "small group" theory I want to share here with a few of my own thoughts.

Santa Bill McReynolds, "journalist" Chris Wolf, one of Fleet White's guests from California (she didn't say which, Gaston or Cox),Joe Barnhill Jr and an unnamed 5th "closet pedophile" all decided it would be a good idea to Sexually assault JonBenet that Christmas night.

How she links these people is a bit insane, IMO, but I am determined to share her theory here as yet another fantasy of a mind I think must be a bit off.

First the group had to get access to their little victim. They figure it is somehow safer to get permission so Santa Bill McReynolds volunteers to make THAT happen.

He had been the Santa at the house on the 23rd. Charles Kuralt's camera crew was supposed to tape some of that party but they did not follow through - they had enough tape by then and just decided enough is enough. No camera crew at the party on the 23rd.

SO... Santa convinces Patsy to let him and a photographer in LATE Christmas night so he might get some photos of JonBenet ... just because Kuralt might change his mind, I guess.

The plan is to have John and Patsy go to bed then Patsy would wait until John was sleeping, because he wouldn't approve of the photo shoot, and she would then open the door for Santa and friend.

Santa would enter alone and as they waited for the camera man, Santa might drug Patsy, or she may just be so tired she would agree to take a nap in the living room while the nasty deeds took place.

Are you with me? Not MY theory, this is Susan Young's conception of what happened.

So the plan was to get in the house without breaking any laws, to get Patsy to take a nap while this "small foreign faction" sexually molested JonBenet and then they would nicely tuck JBR back in her bed and leave without her parents ever knowing what they had done.

Of course Patsy figures it is a good idea, after all, JonBenet will LOVE to get woke up after a full and exhausting Christmas Day. She'll just be so sweet and pretty! Oh yeah, a photo op would delight the kid.

And as for Patsy, she wouldn't be tired from the busy week that was still ongoing. She wouldn't hesitate to stay up late, let Santa in, do whatever she needed to do as a hostess, be so proud of her daughter and enjoy the fun of one more photo shoot. Oh yeah, that sounded like a GREAT idea.

Since John probably wouldn't think it was such a good idea, she would keep it a secret from him. A forever secret. Oh yeah. That makes sense.

Patsy falls asleep, Santa is the only intruder in the house at this point so he goes to JBR's bedroom, wakes her up and enjoys some playtime with her - he draws a heart on her hand and adds a ponytail to her hairdo and tells her there is a "lovely surprise" waiting for her downstairs. He then, yeah, this is in Susan't theory, Santa then ties some of the cord to JonBenet's wrist and leads her downstairs and feeds her pineapple that he had brought into the house with him.

Excuse me, I am trying to imagine that happening, even in the worst B movie, I don't see that working. Patsy is sleeping in the living room, Santa is feeding JonBenet in the kitchen nook, just your normal Christmas night photo op here, nothing strange.

So, Santa had a container of pineapple in his Santa sack. He emptied it into the large serving bowl, put some pineapple on the serving spoon along with "an amnesic drug" and the show started. Snack time over, Santa took her to the basement where they were joined by the rest of the gang.

They's all indulge in the torture and terror. Then they'd put her back in bed and she's never realize what had happened to her. Apparently Patsy wouldn't either.

So, are you ready for this? JBR has been drugged but is still alert enough to enjoy playing with a live animal the pedophiles have brought in. Yep, no joke, this is in her theory, has been public for YEARS. (And I am just now taking the time to share it with my readers.)

The animal is a cute little marmot. JonBenet is in the hall, just outside the windowless room, and there are 5 grown men with her in that small space. She is playing with it and, can you guess? "someone slipped a noose around its neck and strangled it to death". (Why not a beaver? I mean, we know a beaver hair was found. Guess a marmot is cuter? Is it? I don't know what a marmot is!)

So now JonBenet get scared and empties her bladder - her clothes get wet, the carpet is wet - and apparently that is exciting to at least one of the intruders. Chris Wolf (yep, she named him) used a stun gun on her back at that point and she fell forward, hitting her head hard enough to need to "recover".

Then she is told to do as told or they will do to her what they did to the marmot. They put the cord around her neck to show her they mean business.

She is drugged and stunned and they suspend her from the pipes by her wrists before "various forms" of sexual assaults take place. The stun gun is applied to her leg (not according to the coroner) The garrote is tightened and loosened a couple times and... well, the detail in this last part is just so... personal to the author of the theory that I will past that paragraph here unedited.

"Then the unplanned part – one of the group assaulted her vaginally with the end of the paintbrush and she emitted that horrific long, loud scream. This enraged the one who had just assaulted her and he bashed her over the head with the baseball bat he had also brought with him. At the same time, the garotte handler, suddenly panicked by the sound of the scream pulled the garotte too tight and for too long causing JonBenet to die not long after (within seconds) from a combination of the head bash and and the last strangulation that occurred almost simultaneously. The same violent one who had assaulted her with the paintbrush and cracked open her skull with the massive and deliberate blow that he delivered then pressed the stun gun hard against her face for an extended period of time such that the mark that was left was huge and dark blue-black."

So Patsy finally wakes up, realizes JonBenet has been sexually assaulted and murdered by this group of men, and she agrees to help them with a fake kidnapping cover up because she sure doesn't want John to know she agreed to have a photoshoot at midnight!

Chris Wolf wrote the note, Susan Young names him as the writer. (It is true the writing WAS similar. I will give her that much of a point.)

Like I posted earlier, I have no idea how she came to link together those men, but that's not enough. She then includes Fleet White SENIOR (who does not live in Boulder) to the mix. According to Susan Young, the Boulder Police Department is "under the control of powerful Boulder pedophiles", they are connected to Fleet Senior, and from that she names John Eller as the man who led the uninvestigated investigation with every intention of doing it to no satisfaction.

That's her theory. She posted in in several places and still believes she has it right.

I think she is more than a little sick, her fantasies almost outdo the actual crime.

The evidence doesn't support her theory.
The people she accuses have been cleared by investigators using proper tools, alibis, witnesses, DNA...

Just wanted to share one more theory that just ain't right.

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  Professor Matrix v steve Singular
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One of the most perplexing and mysterious episodes of the JonBenet Ramsey saga was the case of Nancy Krebs, a California woman, who came forward and made explosive claims against the family of Fleet and Priscilla White. This became one of the most vehemently debated subjects of the case with some dismissing Krebs as a psychologically disturbed woman and nutcase and others saying that she deserved to be heard. Below, I have provided a brief summarization of the events surrounding the Krebs saga. I encourage you to draw your own conclusions. The following information was obtained from police interview transcripts, the White’s public statements, and other open source methods. No media publications were relied on. The reader should remember that while some of Nancy Krebs’ claims regarding the Ramsey case and her own sexual abuse were never proven to be true, there is however a lot that can be corroborated.
[Image: pixlr.jpg?w=1024]Photographs of Nancy Krebs as a young child.
Background: Nancy Krebs contacted Boulder-based lawyer, Walter Leon “Lee” Hill, after seeing him on television discussing the Ramsey case. Hill was commenting to reporters about how strange it was that the Boulder police did not want to see his deposition of John Ramsey. Hill had filed a lawsuit against John Ramsey and the National Enquirer on behalf of a Boulder photographer named Stephen Miles. Hill decided to represent Krebs and bring her to the attention of the Boulder authorities. The events that followed were not only strange and frightening but at times extremely confusing.
Hill and Denver-based journalist and author, Stephen Singular, met with District Attorney Alex Hunter and his office’s Chief Investigator, Linda Wickman, on February 15th 2000. Hill stated that his “witness” has had a lifelong relationship with the White family that could be proved and she had information regarding child sexual abuse activities that could send the Whites to prison along with many other people. Hunter pressed both men for details, raising questions about potential motives, locations of where alleged crimes had occurred and other areas of interest. Hill said that Fleet White Sr. (father of Ramsey friend, Fleet White Jr) had offered his witness $75,000 to keep her mouth shut and come visit him in Aspen, Colorado. Singular brought up multiple aspects of the case that he believed warranted further investigation. He was entertaining the possibility that JonBenet had perhaps been killed outside of the home and then returned to one or both parents. Singular also encouraged Hunter’s office to look into Chris Wolf again because he may have information about the crime and its perpetrators, even if he himself was not directly involved. Singular then theorized that JonBenet may have been killed in the presence of three people, one being Fleet White Jr, a second man who was a videographer in the Boulder area, and a third man who was the actual killer that did not reside in the area. With all of these sensational and unproven possibilities being presented to him, Hunter agreed to move forward.
-Fleet White Sr. did own property in Aspen, Colorado (827 E Dean St).
-Chris Wolf has no alibi for the night of the murder.
-Chris Wolf’s girlfriend did suspect him of being involved in JonBenet’s killing.
-The physical & forensic evidence does NOT indicate JonBenet was killed outside of her home.
On February 22, 2000, Lee Hill, Nancy Krebs, Alex Hunter and Detectives Trujillo and Heidel sat down for a formal interview. Krebs presented the photographs in her possession and correctly identified all members of the White family. She then presented a letter from Nyla White (wife to Fleet White Sr. & mother to Fleet White Jr) that had been sent to Krebs’ own grandmother. The detectives then commenced the background portion of the interview. Krebs stated that she knew the Whites since she was three years old and they were friends of Krebs’ parents and grandparents. The detectives then turned their attention back to the letter from Nyla and note “that there are some subtle things going on here.” Krebs states that when she neared the age of four, Fleet White Sr. began to sexually assault her. Krebs then states that Lani White (daughter of Fleet Sr./Nyla and sister to Fleet White Jr.) was also present during the assaults. Krebs states that she believes Fleet White Jr. as a minor was “made to do things to me.” Krebs states that Fleet Sr. last assaulted her in August 1980 and Fleet Jr. last assaulted her sometime between 1976 and 1978. The detectives then produce a photograph of a man’s mugshot from California and Krebs’ identifies him as Mackie Boykin, a man who pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting her. Krebs then presents the will of her grandmother’s second husband, which was witnessed and signed by Fleet Sr. and Nyla White. Krebs then makes a very interesting comment that is corroborated by her photographic evidence. She states that when she was younger, she had blonde hair and a slender body, similar to JonBenet.
Krebs states that the last time Fleet White Jr. sexually abused her was some time between 1976-1979. Fleet White married Priscilla Brown in 1979.
-The letter from Nyla White to Krebs’ grandmother further corroborates the two families connection.
-The last will of Krebs’ grandmother’s second husband being signed by Fleet Sr. and Nyla White indicates trust and closeness between the two families.
-Krebs possessing family photographs of the Whites and being able to identify them by face indicates proximity and familiarity to and with them.
-Krebs having knowledge of Lani White being Fleet White Jr.’s sister again indicates having intimate knowledge of the White family.

Singular protested - his post follows.   

  • [color=var(--primary-text)][color=var(--primary-text)] I'd like to clarify a few things. First of all, if the author of the above article had contacted me, I would have provided him accurate information about what he's written. "Singular then theorized that JonBenet may have been killed in the presence...." this last statement is erroneous. I never suggested anything to Hunter about three people being present when JonBenet was killed and never said this about Fleet White, Jr. I have never said that I know who was present or who killed JonBenet. I will also leave a reply on the website's "Leave a Reply Page. This is totally inaccurate information and the writer is putting false words in my mouth. - Stephen and Joyce Singular[/color]

  • [color=var(--primary-text)][color=var(--primary-text)]The responsible thing for the moderators of this site, would be to take this erroneous post down. Stephen and Joyce Singular

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