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Belinda Schultz re: Convicted Pedophile Paul schultz
I had written an email to Belinda Schultz and she called me yesterday. Her husband, Paul E Schultz, is a convicted incarcerated pedophile associated with Heuy Meaux (famous New Orleans Record Producer who was arrested for sadistic child pornography and pedophelia). Paul Schultz was basically pimping out his son Nick Schultz in a pedophile ring and satanic cult and he was convicted for part of that but the satanic aspect was not mentioned for fear a judge and jury would not believe it and acquit him. He will be released in two years. 
Alex Constantine is the one who wrote about The Belinda Schultz Files on the internet and said that Belinda's husband Paul Schultz was connected a pedophile ring and satanic cult associated with was also associated with the Ramsey murder.
Much of what Alex wrote is NOT true. Belinda didn't personally find any connection to her husband's case and the Ramsey murder as Alex Constantine writes. However Alex did have some findings that were not sourced that he may have found out from other investigative people, not Belinda Schultz.
Belinda did tell me something interesting that COULD be a connection that did NOT involve Alex Constantine. Nick Schultz's detective in Sugarland is named Bill Colson He is retired and lives in Navasota, TX . He told her that he got a formal request from LE out in Colorado Springs about someone involved with the Nick Schultz case that was also involved in the Ramsey case. She said this person was a friend of the Ramsey family and had an odd name. I asked if it was Fleet White. She said "yes, yes, that's it". They wouldn't tell her much more than that other than he was required to release the information despite her pleas not to get involved. She said that Detective Bill Colson said Fleet White was involved in the satanic cult. 
She appeared to be very sweet, articulate, and sane. She is confident her son was used in cult activities by her husband. She told me she never even drank back then, let alone got involved in drugs, guns, and child pornography like her husband. She simply did not know the man she married. She felt he married her as a "front'.
Much of what Nick told her at a very young age was hard for her to believe but some of it does match some of what Nancy Krebs had to say. He told her that they killed one of his pets and took the heart out and said they would do that to his mother if he ever told any one about the abuse.  He talked about underground tunnels with men in uniforms with shiny buttons waving their arm in a hail Hitler motion, the Third Reich, child sacrifices, and animal sacrifices. Belinda did not know if this was a very wild imagination or the truth. 
When they took Nick to the first doctor to get evidence of this abuse the doctor came back and said he could not find evidence of it. The doctor's nurse later called Belinda discretely and said there absolutely WAS evidence of horrific abuse. This nurse later mysteriously disappeared, said to have gone to another country. They took Nick to another doctor who said there WAS abuse and he was found dead three weeks before he was about to testify. Nick's own therapist was afraid of testifying about ritual satanic abuse and said that courts shun therapists who talk about it so they didn't even go for that aspect at trial. However she definitely believed that Nick was used in ritual abuse in a satanic cult. She had seen it before. 
Belinda said that she had contacted the Cult Awareness Network and found out that a person on the board of directors was the same person who befriended her during this prosecution stage. Nick's therapist told her that she thought this person was planted with her to keep an eye on her actions. I asked Belinda if she knew who owned the Cult Awareness Network. She didn't. I told her that it is owned by the Church of Scientology---so when you call to report a cult you are calling a cult. She was surprised to hear that. The Church of Scientology also is said to have a connection to Temple of Set/ Church of Satan along with L Ron Hubbard, founder of Church of Scientology. Nick Schultz had identified Michael Aquino (founder Temple of Set) and his wife Lillith at some point in investigation interviews or therapy so there is believed to a connection to this particular cult. Belinda Schultz can be reached at 832-REDACTED. I think it would be good to follow up with Bill Colson. 
That link does not work. If you saved the file, please post it.

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